Task 2 – E-portfolio of completed OHS documents

Your task is to develop and collate in this e-portfolio at least 6 - 8 different types of OHS documents [1] as agreed with your teacher.
Document submitted must clearly demonstrate that you have paid attention to the following critical aspects:

  • presentation of information and data;
  • systematic maintenance and handling data and documents;
  • review of data for relevance and accuracy;
  • analysis and interpretation of data to support organisational activities;
  • effective distribution of information to gain access to a wider audience; and
  • clarifying assumptions to assess validity of conclusions.

Grading Mode - 5 = No Final Exam – Ungraded

[1] To be able to demonstrate consistency of performance, you must provide at least Six to Eight examples of OHS related products and processes that you have developed/taken a lead role in developing. These might include a variety of actual OHS related products, such as a briefing paper in which you explain an OHS issue and make and justify recommendations for improving OHS in your workplace, through to descriptions and analysis of how you went about finalising the content, structure and format of a particular OHS documents and ‘lessons learnt’ from the experience or documents that you have developed for class, the teacher must be able to pick up your document and assess it, knowing what you are saying after reading it.